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Our Mission

We are here to help organizations fight against cyber attacks and to spearhead advancements in defensive cyber solutions by imparting applied research. We strive for quality deliverables than making volumes.

Our Story

Secure Traces  was started to help organizations fight against ever increasing cyber attacks by putting together best technologies and passionate engineers at work.

We have been on the forefront of the cyber security operations for more than a decade and have seen the threat landscape growing rapidly over the years.

While defensive technologies have evolved to a good extent, adversaries have always outsmarted the brightest security teams with lucrative security budgets. We are here as a change to deliver gold standard cyber security services to make this world, a better place.

Our leadership team consists of personnel's with decades of cyber security R&D and Information Technology experience. This helps us to develop best practices in arming our teams with the industry leading cyber security skills to cater our clients,

we are warriors at heart and driven by passion and backed by continuous research and development on cyber security practices.

Experienced Leadership

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